Product Specs: 

Model: Tag Heuer 1000 38mm (Mid-Size)

Compatible Reference: 980.X13 (Contact to check compatibilty prior to purchase) 

Crystal: Diver-Tite high dome acrylic

Movement: Ronda 515.24h

Mods: Mineral Glass, Ronda Movement Swap, stem swap, Tag1000Diver GMT bezel insert, GMT Hand, hour hand, minute hand. 

Features: Fully functioning GMT hand (adjustable), uni-directional GMT bezel, swiss quartz movement, water resistance. 


Mod Description: 

Conversion of your 1000 38mm diver to a fully functioning GMT requires the following mods and is 100% reversible. 

- Diver-Tite high dome acrylic crystal

- Ronda 515.24h Movement adaptation

- New GMT hand (original hands are used) 

- Stem swap

- GMT bezel insert instalation

Tag Heuer 1000 GMT Mod Package

  • The Tag Heuer 1000 has become a truly iconic watch in Tag Heuer History. With its massive popularity many of these beautiful time pieces were distributed across the world. Throughout their production run, many variants were produced from automatic 844 Monnin versions, to the beautiful red dial mid-size edition, the 980.913. Until now, there was never a GMT version.

    In the 1950's Rolex brought to life a modern tool watch for the now common plane traveler. The watch would allow the traveler to track multiple time zones at once with a simple glance. This watch would become one of Rolex's most iconic models, and companies everywhere wanted to create the same thing.

    The Simon Watch Co Tag Heuer 1000 mod pack makes the iconic Tag 1000 into a fully functioning quartz GMT watch using a mixture of modern and custom-made parts. The result is something that is hard to take your eyes off and really makes you think "Why didn't Tag make this?"