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Nobody in my family liked watches. They found them a hinderance, uncomfortable and not necessary in the modern day, I thought the same the longest time. Then I bought my very first watch. An Apple Watch. 


I wore this watch every single day. Loved it even, the features were really cool and I could wow just about anyone with crazy features like Instagram on my wrist, heart beat, a picture of my car as my watch face. I thought it was the coolest. 


Then I woke up one day and sat on the side of my bed and hesitated before I pulled the watch off the charger. I was addicted to the digital world, I literally could not escape. There was not one moment where I didn’t think the internet, of who was texting me, emailing me, how my games on my phone were waiting for me to spend time with them. I left it on the charger that day and I sold it a few days after. 


I bought a timex for 20 dollars. It had the interchangeable straps I had become used to in order to fit my style. The Timex was like a breath of fresh air. When I needed to check the time I just used the watch for what it was originally made to do, tell the time. I found that this was all that I really needed from something on my wrist.


Not long after this, it was my 18th birthday and my grandparents sent my parents a check and told them to have me pick out a watch for $500 dollars. I had no idea what to get or where to start. So I landed on Shinola. Shinola is a Detroit, Michigan brand that makes high quality quartz watches. I picked a topaz DLC chronograph called the brakeman. I love the look of the watch and it began my obsession in its current state that you see today. 


It wasn’t too long after I got this watch that I began collecting. I quickly found vintage watches and fell in love with the history, the style, and the story behind each and every piece and its legacy as it matured. As a collector, I began to curate a style. I started learning how to repair watches, how to customize watches, make accessories for watches, and more to further distinguish my style as a watch enthusiast. It was at this point I knew I should share this style and make it into a brand to bring to the world. 


Before I knew it, Simon Watch Company was formed. Here to bring you my tastes, my favorite picks, and my favorite creations. Enjoy. 

- Tyler Simon

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